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Gurhan confetti multigem necklace

Simplicity at its best

Detail: 24 YG, sapphire, topaz, keshi pearls

Dimension of pendant: 30 mm X 30 mm

Estimated Retail : $6000

My Price: $1799


Designer Sophia 18k 1.75ct VS diamond necklace

Designer 18k “Disc” diamond necklace

Detail: 18k Brushed WG, 1.75ct VS, 16” 18k double chain

Dimension: 25 mm diameter

My Price: $1499


Luck of Iris green enamel pendant necklace

18k shamrock w/diamond center

Detail: 18k YG with 18k tricolor toggle chain necklace

Dimension: 35 mm X 35 mm, 16’’ tri color toggle chain

My Price: $1799


14k diamond green topaz necklace

Diamond green topaz w/huge presence

Detail: 14k WG, 0.75ct SI diamonds, 14k WG omega chain

Dimension: 47 mm X 13 mm, 15’’ omega chain

My Price: $1499


18k grand VS diamond choker necklace

VS diamonds --- fit for the queen

Detail: 18k YG, 1.3 ct VS diamonds

My Price: $3749


18k VS diamond large circle pendant necklace

VS diamonds, large presence

Detail: 18k WG, 1.75 ct VS diamonds, 16” 14k rose gold chain

Dimension: 31 mm diameter

My Price: $2099


Estate Zancan modern 18k rose gold necklace

Elegant modern designer necklace

Detail: 18k rose gold

My Price: $2699


Large 18k 22.88 ct diamond smokey topaz necklace

Black & white diamonds w/large smokey topaz

Detail: 2.88 ct VS diamonds, 20 ct smokey topaz , 17” 18k WG chain

Dimension: Pendant 58 mm X 28 mm

My Price: $2249


18k dual tone triple chain necklace

Great with or without pendant

Detail: 15.5” 18k WG and YG triple chain

My Price: $525


18k modern 1 ct diamond necklace

Cuban chain w/blinding diamonds

Detail: 18k YG cuban chain, 1 ct brilliant diamonds

My Price: $2175


Estate Yvel 18k diamond triple chain necklace

Yvel 18k diamond necklace

Detail: 18k YG, 0.25 ct brilliant diamonds

My Price: $3300


Estate David Yuman diamond chocker necklace

David Yurman heavy necklace

Detail: 18k YG, 1.0 ct brilliant diamonds

My Price: $6480


18k modern diamond multistone necklace


Detail: 18k WG, 0.7 ct brilliant diamonds, 18k WG chain

Dimension: Pendant: 40 mm X 30 mm, 16” chain

My Price: $1439


Estate Charriol Flamme Blanche diamond necklace

Designer 18k faceted diamond necklace

Detail: 18k WG & Black gold bead chain, 0.18ct diamond

Dimension: Pendant: 21 mm X 18 mm, 16” chain

My Price: $1450


18k huge modern diamond necklace

Blue and white diamonds!

Detail: 18k WG triple chain, 1.0ct white/1.2ct blue diamonds Dimension: Pendant: 62 mm X 30 mm, 16” chain

My Price: $2249


Roberto Coin diamond enamel flower necklace

Ready for Spring anytime!

Detail: 18k WG with an orange bead, 0.84ct VS diamond

My Price: $2450


14k Memory Lane Pink Quartz diamond necklace

Pink Quarz beads with 0.75ct diamonds

Detail: 14k WG 0.75ct diamonds, 14k YG leaf, pink quartz

My Price: $889


Platinum Pade Vavra butterfly brooch necklace

Citrine diamond butterfly necklace

Detail: Platinum 1.0ct diamonds, huge Citrine

My Price: $2389


Movado Diamond “Wave” necklace

Elegance in a simple necklace

Detail: 18k YG, 0.75ct VS diamonds

My Price: $1189


Carrera Y Carrera Pink Sapphire Diamond Gingko Lariat Necklace

Unique Designer necklace

Detail: 18k WG, VS diamond

My Price: $2450


18k 10.8 TCW diamond ruby moonstone necklace

Unique diamond ruby moonstone necklace

Detail: 18k dual tone, 9ct moonstone, 0.5ct ruby, 1.3ct diamonds

My Price: $1880


14k 1.0 TCW diamond tassel lariat necklace

Great diamond lariat necklace with tassels

Detail: 14k WG, 1.0 ct diamonds

My Price: $899


14k Large 1.2 TCW diamond heart omega necklace

Large gorgeous necklace for a small price!

Detail: 14k WG, 1.2 ct diamonds

My Price: $889


14k 1.2 TCW champagne diamond clover necklace

Unique Rose Gold diamond clover necklace!

Detail: 14k rose gold, 1.2 ct champage diamonds

My Price: $1180


Roberto Coin Cento Baby “ 0 “ diamond Necklace

Beautiful classic design

Detail: 18k rose gold, 0.23 ct center cento, 0.78 ct G-H, VS diamonds, 1.01 TCW

My Price: $6750


Barry Kronen 1.37 ct Lace’s Collection Necklace

Beautiful unique design

Detail: 18k WG, 1.37 ct VS diamonds

My Price: $4050

Necklace_DN0013Charles Krypell 2 Tone Diamond Lariat Necklace

Beautiful designer piece

Detail: 18k WG & YG

My Price: $2450

Necklace_N001714k 1.2 TCW champagne diamond clover necklace

Unique Rose Gold diamond clover necklace!

Detail: 14k rose gold, 1.2 ct champagne diamonds

My Price: $1180

Necklace_DN0014Carrera Y Carrera diamond emerlad “Hands” necklace

Beautiful Spanish Designer work of art

Detail: 18k YG, 1.5 ct VS diamonds, 0.5 ct emerald

My Price: $2699

Necklace_DN0015Royal diamond aquamarine Marco Bicego necklace

Absolutely gorgeous cocktail piece

Detail: 18k WG, 0.5 ct VS diamonds, aquamarine beads

My Price: $6750

Necklace_N00182.25ct Platinum diamond Columbian Emerald necklace

Brilliant diamond grass green emerald!

Detail: Platinum pendant, 2.03 ct emerald, 14k WG necklace

My Price: $1180

Necklace_DN0016Penny Preville Classic diamond sapphire necklace

Slice of sapphire with halo VS diamonds

Detail: 18k WG, 0.5 ct VS diamonds, slice of blue sapphire

My Price: $2250

Necklace_DN0017Roberto Coin 18k White Gold Chic-N-Shine Collection

Classic necklace from Chic-N-Shine collection

Detail: 18k WG, 0.5 ct VS diamonds, slice of blue sapphire

My Price: $2689

Necklace_DN0018Estate Vintage Tiffany diamond pendant

Classic design that never go out of style!

Detail: 18k YG, 0.3 ct VS diamonds, 16” 14k rubber necklace

My Price: $1700

Necklace_DN0019Estate Cristina Ferrare diamond red coral choker necklace

Rare necklace with brilliant red corals!

Detail: 18k YG, VS diamonds, Red corals

My Price: $2250


Sonia BittonGalerie de Bijoux Cross

Elegant diamond ruby cross

Detail: 18k WG, 0.75 ct VS Diamonds

Dimension: 32 mm X 21 mm

Estimated Retail : $3000

My Price: $1499


Salavetti 2ct diamond swirl pendant

Designer pendant with a flair

Detail: 18k WG, 2.0 ct VS Diamonds

Dimension: 35 mm X 9 mm

Estimated Retail : $6500

My Price: $2249


Charles Krypell diamond sapphire pendant

Beautiful “peacock” pendant

Detail: 18 WG, 5.21 ct citrine, 2.53 ct sapphire

Estimated Retail: $5000

My Price: $2249


Bellarri Multi Gemstone diamond pendant

Multi-gem diamond pendant

Detail: 18k WG, 0.58 ct SI diamonds, 12 TCW gemstones

Dimension: 30 mm X 16 mm

Retail : $5800

My Price: $3239


14k diamond ruby flower pendant

Flamboyant diamond ruby pendant

Detail: 14k YG/WG 0.75 ct diamond, dangling ball

Dimension of flower only: 35 mm X 30 mm 5mmx30mm

Suggested Retail : $3500

My Price: $1199


18k WG diamond multi ‘ lantern' pearl pendant

18k diamond pearl with scroll design

Detail: 18k WG, 4 large akoya pearls, 1.4 ct diamond

Dimension: 50 mm X 30 mm

Suggested Retail : $5000

My Price: $1199


18k diamond pendant with colorful briolettes

Dream catcher with a twist

Detail: 18k WG, citrine/pink sapphire, 1.2 ct diamonds

Dimension: 53 mm X 27 mm

Suggested Retail : $6000

My Price: $1499


18k diamond panda brooch pendant

For those panda lovers out there

Detail: 18k WG, black onyx, mother of pearl

Dimension: 28 mm X 20 mm

Suggested Retail : $2500

My Price: $999


14k diamond peridot /amethyst pendant

Brilliant pendant with great play of color

Detail: 14k WG, green peridot, purple amethyst, 0.5 ct diamonds

My Price: $1199


18k pink quartz diamond tassel pendant

Brilliant pendant with flowing tassel

Detail: 18k WG, 63 ct pink quartz, 0.41 ct diamond

Dimension: 80 mm X 20 mm

My Price: $1199


18k 1.8ct pink quartz diamond heart pendant

Diamond pendant w/royal statement

Detail: 18k Rose Gold, 1.8 ct SI diamonds

My Price: $2399


14k 1.0ct diamond Tahitian pearl pendant

Elegant diamond Tahitian pearl pendant

Detail: 14k WG, 1.0 ct SI diamonds

My Price: $1499


14k diamond Russian Diopside Key pendant

Unlock the passion of the heart

Detail: 14k WG, 1.0 ct SI diamonds, 0.5 ct grass green Russian Diopside

Dimension: 38 mm long

My Price: $839


Platinum 1TCW w/0.5ct center diamond pendant

Brilliant diamond pendant

Detail: Platinum, 14k YG trim, 1.0ct SI diamonds w/0.5ct center

My Price: $1485


14k 0.32ct diamond pendant w/2 ct cubic Zirconia

Looks like diamond from afar pendant

Detail: 14k WG, 0.32ct SI diamonds

Dimension: 25 mm long

My Price: $563


14k 0.46ct diamond key pendant

Key to love pendant

Detail: 14k WG, 0.46ct SI diamonds

Dimension: 55 mm long

My Price: $749


Huge 14k diamond lapis pendant

Lovely blue with gold flakes lapis

Detail: 14k YG, 0.3 ct SI diamonds

My Price: $1785


Huge 14k diamond pearl tassel pendant

Nice 3ct diamond pearl tassel

Detail: 14k WG, 3.0 ct diamonds

My Price: $1499


Estate Roberto Coin Cento diamond Florentine necklace

100 cuts cento diamonds for extra brilliance

Detail: 18k WG, 1.03 ct VS diamonds

My Price: $2880


Estate Chimento 0.75ct VS diamond LOVE pendant

Love is in the air!

Detail: 18k YG, 0.75 ct VS diamonds

My Price: $1150

Pendant_P001714k 0.81ct diamond pearl brooch pendant

Nice 0.81 ct diamond 5.2mm pearl pendant

Detail: 14k WG, 0.81 ct diamonds. 29mm diameter

My Price: $685

Pendant_P001818k “floating” diamond ruby leopard pendant

Designer look diamond ruby leopard pendant

Detail: 18k YG, Brilliant diamonds and rubys

My Price: $1599

Pendant_P001918k 3.0TCW Green & White diamond flower pendant

Whimsical pendant with big presence

Detail: 18k WG, 3.0 ct green and white diamonds

My Price: $1799