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Ear Piercing

If you are looking for a safe and sanitary place to get your ears pierced, visit our professional jeweler and piercing store. We offer just the right service for your ear piercing needs.

Here at Elegant Jewelers, we don’t just offer engraving and fine jewelry, we also provide piercings and beautiful earrings that will sure to satisfy your desire. Whatever you want, we would be happy to help. We are even great and gentle with children and infants when we do their ear piercings.

Our equipment and facility is clean and well maintained which is why you are sure that the services we offer are safe and hygienic. After your piercing procedure, we will advise you in proper piercing aftercare to make sure your new piercing stays clean and protected from any potential infections.

Call to make an appointment and visit our jewelry store in San Jose, CA. We promise our services are professional and our ear piercing experts are gentle.