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Bracelet_DB0001Bellarri rainbow purple/blue bracelet

Modern colorful statement

Detail: 18 WG, 15 ct amethyst, blue topaz

Retail : $8000

My Price: $2399


Roberto Coin Sea Blue Sapphire Bangle

Modern elegant statement

Detail: 18 WG brushed finish, 2.38 ct sapphire

Retail : $15000

Price: $5399


Judith Ripka diamond turquoise bangle

High quality Turquoise on crystal

Detail: 18 YG

Retail : $15000

My Price: $4950


14k diamond charm bracelet

Whimsical w/martini glass, fish, heart

Detail: 14k WG, pink sapphire, emerald, 1.0 ct diamonds

My Price: $1199


14k diamond snowflake bangle with jade

Unique designs, ready for Christmas!

Detail: 14k WG, 1.22 ct diamonds with 0.4 ct center

My Price: $2249

Bracelet_B0003Massive 120ct lapis diamond bracelet

Great lapis diamond bracelet

Detail: 14k YG, 120 ct blue lapis, 0.6 ct diamonds

My Price: $2880


Massive brilliant purple amethyst bracelet

Mesmerizing amethyst bracelet

Detail: 14k YG

My Price: $1799


18k tricolor diamond bracelet

Unique rose, white, yellow gold

Detail: 18k tricolor, 0.4ct SI diamonds

My Price: $1649


14k yellow gold jade double link bracelet

Unique great play of color!

Detail: 14k Red, green, white, yellow jade bracelet

My Price: $525


18k diamond onyx bracelet

Unique diamond onyx link bracelet

Detail: 18k WG, 2.67ct baguette/round diamonds

My Price: $2175


Roberto Coin Elefantino diamond bangle

Elephant skin diamond bangle

Detail: 18 WG, 0.5ct VSdiamonds

Retail : $12000

My Price: $2875


Gorgeous set of 3 18k Italian stacking bangles

Solid 18k yellow gold Italian bangles!

Detail: 18k YG

My Price: $2250

Bracelet_DB0005Estate Wide Roberto Coin Bollicine diamond bangle

Amazing Enamel diamond cuff bangle

Detail: 18 YG, VSdiamonds

Retail : $12000

My Price: $3375


14k 3.0 ct VS diamond tennis bracelet

Staple for any occasion

Detail: 14k YG, 3.0 ct VS diamonds

My Price: $1575


18k diamond toggle bracelet

Elegant in every way!

Detail: 18k YG, Diamonds

My Price: $1439


Estate Soho enameled gold flakes bangle

A breath of fresh design

Detail: 18 WG with 24k yellow gold flakes

My Price: $2158

Bracelet_DB0007Estate Carrera Y Carrera Diamond “Hands” Bracelet

Spanish designer – intriguing work of art

Detail: 18 YG, 0.7 ct VS diamonds (with 0.25ct center)

My Price: $3749